Timothy Rice

⭐Terra Ignota Tetralogy

Would you destroy this world to save a better one?

Rating: 5/5 – A modern masterpiece.

One sign of a great book is that it’s difficult to summarize, which can be technically expressed as it having “high dimensionality”. These stories feature densely interwoven ideas and theses each of which may be a simple expression, but together form a complex, irreducable whole.

Ada Palmer’s Terra Ignota Tetralogy is such a story. It spans gender, the nuclear family, the nature of God, feasability of human settlement on other planets, 17th century philosophy, Homer, and the economics of resurrection. I cannot possibly provide a useful summary of this book, and that’s what makes it so spectacular.

Every fan of speculative fiction should read this. It’s ambitious, subtle, provoking, gentle, towering, and kind. It is everything I have ever wanted in a book and more.

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